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Looking for a Pediatric Pulmonologist in the Philippines?

Let us quickly answer the following:

️1. What is a Pediatric Pulmonologist?

2. Where to find a Pedia Pulmonologist?

3. How to consult online with a Pedia Pulmo?

What is a pediatric pulmonologist?

Pedia Pulmo baby patient with lungs and breathing problems

A Pediatric Pulmonologist is a medical doctor specializing in the Lungs and Respiratory health of babies, children, and teenagers ages 0-18 years old.

Pedia Pulmonology doctors are experts on Pulmonary diseases such as:

☑️ Tuberculosis (TB),
☑️ Asthma,
☑️ Pneumonia,
☑️ Chronic Cough,
☑️ Allergic Rhinitis,
☑️ Covid-19,
☑️ Breathing problems, and more.

Looking for a Pedia Pulmo doctor for your child? 

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 pedia pulmonologist - where to find one in the philippines?

Pediatric Pulmonologist doctor online consultation

Looking for the best Pediatric Pulmonologist for your child?

Pedia Pulmonology doctors can be found in children's hospitals. 🏥

They are also located under the pediatric department of general hospitals, medical centers, and clinics.

You can visit the official website of a hospital or clinic near you. And search for a Pediatric Pulmonologist from its online directory of doctors.

If you live in or near Metro Manila, you can schedule a clinic appointment with a Trusted ❤️ and Highly Recommended 👍 Pediatric Pulmonologist. 

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❌ No available Pedia Pulmo in your area? 

Good News! Online Consultation is available EVERY DAY! 😊

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 how to consult ONLINE with a pedia pulmo?

Pedia pulmonologist doctor online clinic consultation

No Pediatric Pulmonologist near you? Can't leave the house? No available transportation? Quarantine lockdown?

You can still talk to a Pedia Pulmo specialist thru Telemedicine, E-Consultation, Virtual Teleconsult or simply - Online Consultation! 😊

The online consultation is normally done via Video Call. It works best using the latest phones with good internet connection. 📱

You can Google search 🔎 for an online Pedia Pulmo. Or you can also try Doc Jem

Doc Jem is a ✔️ Verified online Pediatrician and Pediatric Pulmonologist. 👩‍⚕️

She comes Highly Recommended ❤️ and is consistently rated 5-Stars 👍! 

Doc Jem is available for online consultations EVERY DAY including weekends and holidays! 😊

How to book an appointment❓ 

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Who is Doc Jem?

Pediatrician Pulmonologist medical doctor female physician

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Dr. Jemaila Valles (Doc Jem) is a ✔️VERIFIED Online Pediatrician & Pediatric Pulmonologist (Pedia Pulmo) primarily based in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

She comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ❤️ and is consistently rated 5-STARS 👍.

Doc Jem is a licensed Pharmacist, Medical Doctor, Pediatrician, and Pediatric Pulmonologist (Pedia Pulmo). 👩‍⚕️

She is also an Educator at a local University in Metro Manila teaching Physiology and Pediatrics.

Hospital affiliations are located in Quezon City, Manila, Marikina, Antipolo, and Pasig City.

And Clinics are conveniently found inside Shopping Malls such as AYALA and SM MALLS.

Online Pediatric Consultation is available and open TODAY and EVERY DAY!

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